Individual concepts many applications

The special properties needed for the many different types of tasks that may arise in conveying applications and to ensure material flow can be realized by coating belts with special materials, mounting cleats/profiles and entraining elements as well as machining the belts (e.g. milling, punching and grinding).

Our belt coatings are used in the packaging industry, tubular bag systems, blister filling, vacuum belts, pull belts, bagger belts, food industry, biscuit packaging, sausage and cheese cutting machines, coffee pads; transport of fish, meat, fruit, vegetables; inspection equipment for bottles, pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, tablet separation, tray transport , hygiene industry, paper processing, wood industry, metal processing, sheet transport, glass processing, ceramics industry, handling systems, automation; transport of plates, boxes, outer packaging, small parts, piece goods; pipe extraction, cable extraction, hose extraction, solar wafers and a wide variety of other demanding requirements.

Keiper coatings

The coatings for timing belts, V-belts, flat belts and transport belts always are selected so that they are optimally suited for the product to be transported and/or the intended transport purpose.



Many innovative and structural tasks, which may call for pacing, separating and positioning in the material flow, can be realized by adding profiles and entraining elements.