PU timing belts easy drive®

Polyurethane timing belts are made of highly abrasion resistant and high-strength steel cords, Kevlar cords or special cords, such as highly flexible or stainless steel cords, and manufactured in a sophisticated production process. The combination of these materials forms the basis for the wide range of applications in synchronous drive technology as well as for transport, conveying and positioning plants. In view of their diverse tooth designs, materials and production methods, polyurethane timing belts are characterized by superior mechanical, chemical and physical properties. Polyurethane timing belts ensure a constant load distribution for the transmission of power and high torque, have high mechanical load capacity, are flexible and display high belt tension and heat resistance.

easy drive® polyurethane timing belts are produced as yard ware, endless welded, sleeve or flex-belt in almost all lengths and width sizes. The guiding groove on the tooth side can either be produced in the production process or milled later.

easy drive® open-end polyurethane timing belts offer highest flexibility for synchronous conveying and positioning applications and innumerable application possibilities because of the large number of tooth forms.

easy drive® endless welded polyurethane timing belts “V”
Endless welded timing belts can be produced in nearly all lengths. They are typically used in conveying applications.

easy drive® open linear polyurethane timing belts “M”
Open-end timing belts are preferably used for linear applications.

Polyurethane molded timing belts (sleeves) are cast in special molds. These types of belts feature very exact pitch sizes along the whole belt and are particularly suitable whenever smooth running and high-speed drive are needed.

easy drive® polyurethane timing belts ”Flex“ are extruded with endless winded cords.
In these belts the cords are helically spooled. Due to the high power transmission capacity of these belts, they can be used universally for power transmission as well as conveying and positioning applications.
min./max. length 720 – 15,000 mm (width 100 mm)
min./max. length 900 – 22,700 mm (width 150 mm)

easy drive® polyurethane “Wide belts” are endless welded in widths up to 600 mm.
These belts are especially developed for synchronous conveying applications. The wide range of widths as well as high chemical and mechanical properties allow a wide spectrum of applications. In addition, we can offer these belts in a special FDA polyurethane compound and polyamide fabric on the tooth and/or backside.

easy drive® timing belts general