Keiper CROMA high-performance flat belts are made of fully synthetic polyamide foils, with a one-sided or two-sided adhesion coating of chrome-split leather.


  • Fitted with a polyamide reinforcement.
  • With a one-sided or two-sided coating of chrome-split leather, highly resistant to abrasion and wear.


Chrome-split leather is used exclusively as a friction coating on power transmission belts as an alternative to nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR).

CROMA belts with a coating of chrome-split leather are perfect for power transmission applications where the rollers are considerably contaminated by oil and dirt. In view of its slightly porous surface, chrome-split leather is air and humidity permeable and absorbs moisture; thus, it retains friction. However, the coefficient of friction of leather is lower than that for nitrile-butadiene rubber and steadily decreases during operation.

For this reason, CROMA belts primarily are used whenever less friction is advantageous, e.g. in power transmission applications with very large roller diameters, such as generator or gate drives, so as to reduce the stick-slip friction effects.

Our high performance flat belts CROMA find application in

hydropower plants, sawmills, wood industry, machine drives, agriculture, circular saws, generators, saw and stone gates, mill drives, water turbines and milling machines