Wide Timing belts

Polyurethane wide timing belts T5 / T10 / H

Keiper PU wide timing belts are made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane and high-strength aramid cords in widths up to 600mm. These timing belts are specially designed for synchronous transport applications. In view of the production width as well as outstanding mechanical and chemical properties, they can be used for many applications.

Moreover, it is possible to use special materials such as, for example, polyurethane that is suitable for contact with foodstuffs, or a nylon coating on the tooth facing and back side.

Properties and special features:

  • High-strength aramid tension cords
  • Parallel arrangement of tension cords for even distribution of tension
  • Form-fit, synchronous running
  • Low-noise, high abrasion resistance and flexibility
  • Different types of polymers are available, e.g. FDA approved
  • Large selection of coatings, profiles/cleats
  • Low shaft loading
  • High acceleration without slippage
  • Easy to clean


  • As a substitute for transport belts for synchronous positioning
  • Applications in the foodstuffs industry
  • Sausage, meat and cheese processing
  • Conveying of bulk goods
  • Automatic production processes
  • Instead of modular transport belts

Please see the PDF-file below for detailed information and technical data.

KEIPER_wide timing belts PU.pdf