Endless extruded round belts
Endless extruded round belts
Our endless extruded round belts are ideal for low power requirements. They are elastic power transmission elements that do not need cost-intensive tensioning devices. In view of the special production process, they do not have any welding seams or terminal connections and run very smoothly. Moreover, they allow a minimum pulley diameter starting from 5.5 x belt diameter.

The recommended initial tension is 6-12%. Since there are more 300 available shapes, most dimensions can be made quickly without additional costs for moulds.

Our types E80, V75, C70 and P82 are made of specially selected and dynamically tough materials.
In addition, type E80 also is antistatic to a limited extent and has a resistance value of about 106 Ohm; thus, it is excellent for use in electronic devices and chip production.
The types mentioned above have proven their worth for many years in sensitive applications or use in large-batch production plants. Like all elastic drive elements, they are easy to mount and, hence, significantly reduce downtimes as well.
Available diameters:         1.8mm - 7mm
Available lengths:             40mm – 1,610mm
Temperature resistance:   -20°C - +160°C
Coefficient of friction:        0.35µ - 0.9µ*
Maximum tension:           >100N
The values may differ depending on the type and the material used.