Neoprene timing belts easy drive®
Neoprene timing belts, produced in sophisticated manufacturing processes with state-of-the-art production technology, are made of chloroprene rubber with glassfiber cords and protective fabric covering on the running surface. Based on the combination of these materials, the timing belts can be used as high-speed and high load-capacity machine drives with constant revolutions. Moreover, they are maintenance-free. Neoprene timing belts are designed for high performance, precise running properties and high operation reliability. They have outstanding mechanical, chemical and physical properties.

easy drive® Neoprene timing belts are available in open length and endless sleeves in nearly all lengths and width sizes. The guiding groove on the tooth side is milled subsequently.

easy drive® timing belts endless (sleeve) are vulcanized in special molds. These types of belts have very accurate pitch sizes along the entire belt and are particularly suitable for smooth running and high driving speeds.

easy drive® Neoprene timing belts “M” open length
Open length timing belts are preferably used in linear applications. They are available with glass-fiber cords or metal cords.


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