Keiper belt RAPID

The KEIPER belt series RAPID conveyor and process belts is available in polyester, cotton or blended fabrics, with special coatings such as neoprene, silicone, non-woven fabric and many more, in a wide range of colors suitable for the specific application, and different surface structures.

The wide range of possible materials and designs takes into account such varied requirements as:

  • High entrainment adhesion or low adhesion (accumulation mode)
  • FDA/USDA approved and in conformity with EU Directive 2007/19/EC
  • Colors white, petrol, black, green and special colors
  • Anti-static designs and suitability for use in metal detectors
  • Special resistance against wear and chemicals
  • High and low temperatures
  • Stress-strain behavior and tensile strength
  • Drum diameter (e.g. blade edges)

Hence, the conveyor belts always are designed for the intended application.

Keiper’s conveyor belt series RAPID can be fitted with a wide variety of entraining elements such as cleats, guides, sidewalls or tracking guides. The endless joint is bonded endlessly or, if it needs to be mounted quickly, can be fitted with different types of mechanical fasteners.

For a wide spectrum of applications in all industrial sectors:

  • Packaging plants
  • Food industry
  • Plant and machine construction
  • Textile plants
  • Materials handling, inter-company conveying
  • Wood and glass industries
  • Printing and paper processing
  • Automotive industry