PU Type

Keiper endless belt SPRINTA

SPRINTA PU endless belts are produced without any seam or splice. They are made of polyurethane coatings. Since there are no seams or splices, SPRINTA is optimal for diverse application possibilities in plant and machine construction. There are endless possibilities: in view of the possible combination of different base materials and coatings as well as further shaping by milling, punching, grooving and contouring, SPRINTA endless belts can be used in power transmission tasks or as conveyor belts.

Polyurethane, PU or PUR in short, is a very versatile plastic. Depending on the production process, it can be brittle and hard or also soft and elastic. It is therefore used as an all-rounder in many products which define our everyday lives.

The characteristics of PU from elastic to rigid are not least defined by the number of cells in the polyurethane. In case of a foam structure, PU is extremely abrasion resistant and is therefore used, for example, as protective coating in pipes or for transporting bulk goods. If its structure is closed and compact, however, it can also be used for food applications. Another advantage of PU in this case is that it contains no plasticizers as opposed to the otherwise frequently-used PVC. Even under extreme weather conditions and strong UV radiation, polyurethane has good ageing stability, good resilience under reversed flexing stresses, and is easy to clean – ideal prerequisites for its use as coating on high-quality SPRINTA endless belts.

- without fabric reinforcement, PU foam elastic
- high elastic drive and conveyor belt
- for fixed shaft distances
- coated both sides and grinded
- only 0,9 mm thick suitable for small pulley diameters of 8 mm
- with an elastic reinforcement/fabric
- drive and conveyor belt perfect for fixed shaft distances
- the elastic fabric increases safety and also improves sliding characteristics due to a low friction coefficient
- its Polyester fabric does not absorb moisture and is higly wear resistant
- light and flexible conveyor belt
- only 0,8 mm thick, very thin and highly flexible
- ideally suitable for small loads at low contact pressure and low friction coefficient
- with an carcass of cotton
- an universal and flexible conveyor belt
- low friction
- for application with rigid knife edges
- for small deflections
- with low running noise
- with an Polyester carcass/fabric high tensile strength
- the versatile all-rounder belt, flexible and fulfills a large number of requirements
- can be used not only in small motor drives but also for transport and weighing applications
P5110 Falz
- with an antistatic Polyester fabric
- its ground and sealed surface is ideally suited for use in folding machines
- since it offers no opportunities for paper dust and talcum powder to accumulate and is easy to clean
- high friction coefficient compared to the paper to be transported
- Polyester/cotton fabric
- high perfomance conveyor belt
- low friction coefficient on the textile side
- P5115 is the stronger version of the P5108
- the belt bends slightly readily results in more power and force as well high tensile strength
- optimal suited for slider beds
- the drive belt for optimum grip
- the polyurethane coating is on the pulley side of the belt whereas the carcass made from polyester is on the outside
- guarantees optimum grip on the drive shafts
- the belt has high power reserves
- only little longitudinal extension
- reliably dampens potential resonance in the drivetrain
- with Aramide fibers
- very high strength and high elongation at break
- a high-performance drive and conveyor belt
- it is low-stretch, thin, flexible, bends readily, and has high power reserves
- with Aramide fibres
- a drive belt with low stretch particularly for high power transmission, e.g., in centrifuges
- the P-5155 as the stronger version of the P-5150 with its aramid carcass is the ideal solution