Wire belts

Wire belts

Wire belts are used in a large number of industrial sectors and help automate production processes, especially when the conveyor belt needs particularly high resistance properties because of the mechanical, thermal and chemical exposure during operation. Due to the outstanding thermal properties, our wire belts are suitable for temperatures ranging from -196°C up to high temperature applications of about 1250°C.

In view of the myriad designs and large selection of suitable materials, our wire belts can be adapted to all imaginable fields of application. Accordingly, our wire belts are being used in the following industries, amongst others:

  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Wood and paper industries
  • Glass and ceramic industries
  • Solar industry
  • Thermal treatment
  • Beverage industry
  • Cleaning plants
  • Filter technology
  • Electronic industry
  • Nonwovens industry

Wire belts offer the following advantages:

  • High mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance
  • Resistant to acid and alkali
  • Shorter repair times and lower costs due to modular design
  • Uniform running properties
  • Hygienic properties
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be shortened or lengthened as needed
  • Open areas