easy drive®


The new standard in timing belt technology

Efficiency, simply thought all the way through:
in most drive and conveyor technology applications smooth and precise drive is essential within the interplay between the timing belt and the pulley.
So far, there have been three types of solution (without easy drive®):

  • flanged pulleys prevent the timing belt from running off the pulley
  • the timing belt is guided by a v-guide, or
  • the timing belt is fitted with especially shaped teeth to keep it on track reliably

The main disadvantage of the previous versions is the large movement of the belt between the flanges. Using v- guides or special tooth shapes is significantly more time-consuming and complex in manufacturing and therefore much more cost-intensive. Nevertheless, the v-guide system still requires a certain tolerance which leads to a movement in running performance. The large pulley diameters can cause installation problems in case facility space is limited.

easy drive®, an innovative solution for every requirement

The easy drive® ring engages accurately in the pulley. As a result, it reliably ensures that the timing belt, which has a corresponding groove, moves along the guide ring backlash.
The most accurate possible directional stability for all tooth shapes, pitches and materials.

Convince yourself: the thought-out construction of easy drive® offers a conclusively improved efficiency in contrast with any other conventional type of solution. An investment you will highly benefit from.

You can benefit from the advantages of the easy drive® systems right now:

  • universal solution instead of flanged pulleys or special toothed belt guides
  • possible to be used with any tooth shape or belt pitch
  • can be combined with any material – steel, aluminium, grey cast-iron or plastics
  • for polyurethane and also for neoprene timing belts
  • maximum directional stability of the timing belt without movement, inaccurate running or drift
  • timing belt vibrations are reduced – very smooth running properties
  • applicable in both running directions, reversible
  • reduction in space required in the equipment through pulleys with smaller diameters and lower thickness
  • suitable for omega drives and deflectors
  • economical, saves resources


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