The Keiper UNITRANS conveyor belt series can be fitted with different sidewalls.

Sidewalls are used as margin stops, usually together with cleats and entraining elements, in ascending and descending conveyor systems. The sidewalls prevent the products from falling off the sides of the belt.

  • Inclined conveying: steep or angled conveying up to a slope of 80° in connection with cleats.
  • Horizontal conveying: transporting bulk material and different-sized products.
  • Conveyor belt sidewalls made of PVC, PU or special materials such as PU foam, polyolefin or polyester.
  • With or without fabric interlayers.
  • With or without foot.
  • In the colors blue, white, green petrol, black or transparent.
  • Depending on the design, in oil- and grease-resistant quality as well as FDA/EU approval.
  • High abrasion and cutting resistance.

The PDF overview shows the selection of available PVC and PU sidewalls.


KEIPER conveyor belts_sidewalls.pdf