Self-guiding timing belts

Polyurethane self-guiding timing belts with V-profile guides

Keiper self-guiding PU track timing belts are made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane and high-strength steel cords or aramid cords and produced in open lengths. The V-guide is either integrated in the timing belt during production or welded into the belt later. These timing belts exhibit the same properties as standard timing belts. In addition, axial movements are prevented. Keiper self-guiding PU track timing belts are available as endlessly welded belts and cut goods, in almost any length and width.

Properties and special features:

  • Prevent axial movements
  • V-profile guides can be combined with any tooth profile in all sizes
  • Flanges are no longer required, the notched design of the V-profile guide gives rise to high flexibility


  • Conveying and positioning applications with large center distances
  • Applications, in which axial movement is a problem and flanges cannot be used.

Please see the PDF-file below for detailed information and technical data.


KEIPER_self-tracking timing telts PU_V-guide.pdf