Endless twisted round belts

Our endless turned round belts are wound either out of one homogeneous strand or one cord and spliced endlessly without thickening. For special applications, it is possible to vulcanize the inner splice or to make a special splice based on our in-house engineering methods. This increases the tensile strength by up to 60%. In elastic types, the core is welded.

In view of their special structure, twisted round belts exhibit very quiet running properties, are extremely flexible and, thus, make possible very small minimum pulley diameters of 3x belt diameter. For several types, speed up to 70,000 rpm is possible; however, the speed of 60m/s should not be exceeded.

All textile belts can be impregnated with various types of coatings to protect the textile fibers against frictional wear, to increase the friction coefficient or, depending on the customer’s specifications, to realize certain properties. We use special thermal fixation processes to ensure that the operating elongation is as low as possible for belts with limited extensibility.

Elastic types:                                PU, Vulkollan
Semi-elastic types:                      PA.6, Set-Polyester, Nylon, HE
Types with limited extensibility:     Polyester, Nomex, Nomex-PTFE, Polyester-PTFE,
                                                  Kevlar/Twaron, PA.6 anti-static, PBO
We recommend a tensioning device for semi-elastic types; for types with limited extensibility a tensioning device is needed in any case.
Available diameters:           0.8mm - 15mm
Available lengths:              120mm - 50,000mm
Temperature resistance:     -50°C - +480°C
Coefficient of friction:          0.05µ - 0.4µ*
Maximum tension:             <500N
The information may differ depending on the type and the material used.
PORUFLEX PU endless turned.pdf
PORUFLEX Vulcollan endless turned.pdf