Tooth Profiles

Timing Belts Polyurethane - Tooth Profiles


Trapezoid profile according to DIN 7721
Metric pitches: T2,5 / T5 / T10 / T20
The standard version is universally applicable for any tasks in drive and conveying technology.

The AT-profile is a further development of the T-profile and, in particular, provides higher tooth volume, higher tooth load capacity and stronger cords.
Metric pitches: AT3 / AT5 / AT10 / AT20
Advantages: - greater tooth intermesh and less contact hit
                   - cords for constant pitch and higher tear resistance
                   - higher efficiency of up to 50% as compared to the T-profile


Imperial profil
Inch pitch sizes according to DIN/ISO 5296
MXL = 2,032 mm
XL = 5,08 mm
L = 9,525 mm
H = 12,7 mm
XH = 22,225 mm
XXH = 31,75 mm


The High Torque Drive profile has round teeth to ensure faultless meshing with the pulley as well as optimized power and tension distribution. In addition, the high HTD tooth prevents jump-over.
Metric pitches: HTD5M / HTD8M / HTD14M
Typical applications: - Linear axles
                              - Lifting applications
                              - Drive positioning
                              - Conveying


The STD Super Torque Drive has involute toothing to ensure optimum meshing with the pulley as well as optimal power and tension distribution and, consequently, silent running of the belt.
Metric pitches: STD5M / STD8M / STD14M
Typical applications: - Linear axles
                              - Positioning drives
                              - Silent run drives


TK, ATK self-guiding timing belts with V-profile guides
Metric Pitches TK5 / TK10 / TK20 / ATK5 / ATK10
Typical applications: in which axial movement is a problem and flanges cannot be used.
Conveying and positioning applications with large center distances.
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