PU round belts


We have a complete range of polyurethane round belts for conveying and power transmission applications. PU round belts, extruded in open lengths, are homogeneous round profiles that can be welded for use as high-quality power transmission and conveying elements.

Our stock mainly comprises solid profiles with a smooth or slightly roughened surface and hollow profiles for nipple connections. Several types have FDA/USDA approval and comply with EU Directive 2007/19/EC. Although we generally produce in open lengths, we can also produce all belts according to your specifications. Our round belts convey a wide range of products such as foodstuffs, glass, roof tiles, PC boards and many more. The standard range of round belts is rounded off with aramid, polyester or glass-fiber reinforcements.

If an appropriate quantity is purchased, we also produce special types with PES or aramid reinforcements. They will be adapted optimally for your specifications and application. Special colors such as grey, black, brown or yellow are possible, too.


Standard stock program:

75° Sh.A red, smooth (some Ø also rough or FDA and as hollow profile)

80° Sh.A transparent, smooth, FDA

85° Sh.A green, smooth (also as hollow profile or with aramid reinforcement)

85° Sh.A blue, smooth, FDA

88° Sh.A green, rough (some Ø also in blue or white, also as hollow core belt or with aramid reinforcement)

90° Sh.A white, smooth (also as hollow core belt or with polyester reinforcement)

55° Sh.D beige, smooth (also FDA and with polyester or steel reinforcement)


Available diameters:         2mm - 20mm

Available lengths:             starting from 110mm

Available hardness:          75° Sh.A – 55° Sh.D

Temperature resistance:   -30°C - +70°C

Coefficient of friction:      0.2µ - 0.7µ