Keiper’s high-performance FLEXA flat belts are made of fully synthetic polyamide or polyester fabric and polyamide foil, with or without a suitable adhesion coating made of nitrile-butadiene rubber, depending on the wide range of possible power transmission and conveying applications.

  • Fitted with a polyamide or polyester reinforcement
  • With a one-sided or two-sided coating of nitrile-butadiene rubber, highly resistant to abrasion and wear
  • Different surface structures
FLEXA belts can be used as:
  • Power transmission belts
  • Folder-gluer belts
  • Machine belts
  • Tangential belts
  • Spindle belts
+    Suitable for a large temperature range
+    High resistance to abrasion
+    Very good dynamic properties
+    Resistant to oils and acids
+    Outstanding anti-static properties of black NBR
-     Gets brittle when exposed to UV light and ozone (only for limited outside use)
-     Processing is work and energy intensive (vulcanization, hardening)
Our high performance flat belts find application in

Flat belt drives, conveyor belts, machine drives, feeding and transport in the paper and printing industry, packaging industry, drive of transport elements, printing machines, mail distribution systems, sorting machines, office machines, wood, paper and printing industry, packaging machines, generators, paper stackers, textile industry, cardboard boxes, idler roller drives

and for spindle drives, circular knitting machines, twisting machines, ring and spinning machines, paper roll drives, rotor drives, gluing machines, folding machines, sorting machines, winding machines, filling and closing machines, ventilation systems, holding belts, mill drives, weighing systems