NE Type

Keiper endless belt SPRINTA

SPRINTA NE endless belts are produced without any seam or splice. They are made of neoprene coatings. Since there are no seams or splices, SPRINTA is optimal for diverse application possibilities in plant and machine construction. There are endless possibilities: in view of the possible combination of different base materials and coatings as well as further shaping by milling, punching, grooving and contouring, SPRINTA endless belts can be used in power transmission tasks or as conveyor belts.

Neoprene is tough and robust but also highly flexible. This makes it ideal for an almost slip-free transmission of power and force in fast and strong drive systems. Thanks to their high resistance to wear, neoprene belts are the perfect solution for such applications – also under challenging conditions.

- with an semi-elastic Polyester-Polyamide fabric
- coated both sides with Neoprene
- a high defined elasticity and high flexibility
- antistatic finish
- used as a drive or conveyor belt for card readers, printers, disc drives and precision instruments
- fabric with an combination of Polyester and Cotton
- coated both sides with Neoprene
- both flexible and robust
- used in a wide range of applications requiring light-duty power tranmission
- good belt running and tracking characteristics
- with an cotton fabric
- coated with Neoprene on the conveying side
- a universal thin and flexible conveyor belt
- low friction fabric side
- suitable for knife edge applications
- reinforced with an Polyester fabric
- coated both sides with Neoprene
- the versatile all-rounder belt
- for light and medium drives and conveyor applications
- high tensile strength
- with a cotton content in the carcass
- low friction coefficient on the fabric side
- coated with Neoprene on one side
- high strength and powerful conveyor belt for specific applications
  wich require e.g. high speed or antistatic proberty
- strong and universal drive belt for high speed
- coated both sides with Neoprene
- can be used inside and outside
- low elongation, vibration absorbing
- ideal high speed spindle drive for woodworking and metal processing applications
- with an Aramide fabric
- coated both sides with Neoprene
- high strength with low elongation
- a powerful drive and conveyor belt
- ideally suited for small shaft diameters and high speed
- with an Aramid fabric as the stronger version of N5150
- coated both sides with Neoprene
- extremly strong power transmission belt
- highly tear resistant, powerful and very low elongation
- can be used inside and outside