Entraining elements / tracking guides

The Keiper STABILOFLEX conveyor belt series can be fitted with numerous different entraining elements and tracking guides.

Entraining elements are used for ascending or descending conveyor systems, linear movements and when lateral forces occur. With these elements it is easier to carry along, transport and place the products to be conveyed.

Tracking guides are used to ensure directionally correct and stable guiding of the belt on the conveying system and to prevent the conveyor belt from running off.

  • Conveyor belt entraining element or tracking guides made of PVC and PU in blue, white, green, petrol or transparent.
  • V-shape, rectangular or block tracking guides.
  • Smooth or notched design.
  • Depending on the design, oil and grease resistant, with FDA/EU approval.

The PDF overview shows a selection of the available types of entraining elements and tracking guides.


KEIPER conveyor belts_guides.pdf
KEIPER conveyor belts_entraining elements - arrangements.pdf