PU profile belts

Keiper PORUFLEX PU profile belts

PU profile belts are extruded homogeneously using high-quality raw materials or they are processed subsequently to customize them for the intended application. We can change existing profiles into a large number of special profiles by means of various methods, e.g. notching, milling, polishing, cutting, welding and coating; and we can do this without needing new, cost-intensive extrusion tools.

Our product range comprises numerous types of belts that have FDA/USDA approval and comply with EU Directive 2007/19/EC. Materials with different types of hardness also can be combined in one profile, depending on the intended purpose; usually this can only be achieved by means of complex co-extrusion processes.

By processing the standard profiles and selecting appropriate raw materials, we can produce an almost unlimited number of forms and types of belts. Therefore, new, high-quality customized profiles can be produced within a short time span, cost-effectively and even in small quantities.